Fundraiser raises over £2500 for Orthopaedic Hand Service

On Friday 9th November fundraiser Liz Markall & her family pulled together a night full of fun to raise money for a service very close to her heart.

Liz has been a patient at the ROH for many years, and this year alone underwent 6 operations on her hand by Mr Craigen – Specialist Hand surgeon. She decided she wanted to say thank you for the amazing service that Mr Craigen & all the staff at the hospital provided to her.

Liz & her mum Judith, have been working hard, connecting with businesses & friends throughout the UK for the last 4 months appealing for raffle & auction prizes. Between them, they have managed to connect with over 60 business’ across the UK and received that many prizes, that they were forced to hold a raffle, auction & silent auction on the night.

After an amazing effort Liz & her family raised over £2500.00 for the hospital. We have been so impressed with their commitment to fundraising.

We are now in conversations with the Hand team to ensure this money is utilised for a great cause. To improve patient experience and enhance care within special hand services at ROH!

One thought on “Fundraiser raises over £2500 for Orthopaedic Hand Service

  1. Well done Liz! Many of us have lots to be thankful to the ROH for! You managed to get some amazing prizes donated! It was a pleasure to give you a hand…. no pun intended!

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