Celebrating Giving Tuesday at ROH

Giving Tuesday is a day celebrating charities all over the world, and this year we wanted to raise as much awareness as possible about the Throne Project and our charity as possible.

We had an in house fundraiser complete with a bake sale, fundraising games such as ‘How many sweets in the jar’ and ‘Guess the price’ and sold our annual Christmas cards. ROHrocks payed us a visit and have been hidden well across the grounds. We managed to raise over £300 for the Throne Project appeal.

 Thank you to everyone who attended our Giving Tuesday fundraiser, we were so pleased with the turn out, and are very grateful to our staff Jenny & project lead – Tracey for leading the event and helping us raise such an amazing amount.

 All money raised from today’s event will go towards The Throne Project Appeal, bringing our appeal total up to nearly £6000.00

 To find out more about the Throne Project Appeal, click here.

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