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NHS Charities Together and Starbucks Christmas partnership

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Charitable Fund are excited to announce that NHS Charities Together has received additional funds from Starbucks, meaning that  we received £2,000 to support our ongoing response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

This winter, NHS Charities Together joined forces with Starbucks, to help raise awareness of the amazing work being done by NHS charities and to highlight the many difficult challenges faced by staff, volunteers and patients, as the NHS cares for more patients due to COVID-19. 

With partners (employees), coffee, and customers at Starbucks’ core, they are working closely to find new and ongoing ways to support their communities, including pairing up with individual NHS charities on the ground by connecting with their teams locally. The ambition is for those local teams to provide direct support in as many ways as they can, from local employee fundraising, to providing space, to increasing connections between their customers and their local NHS charity. 

The ROH has been successful in applying for a further £33,000 from NHS Charities Together to support staff wellbeing as well as £2,100 from Starbucks (£35,100 in total).

It is hoped the funding will be used to, amongst other things, support a Staff Wellbeing Space in our Nurses Home, additional mental health support for staff and an outdoor space for staff members to utilise.

You can help support these initiatives by donating to The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Charitable Fund here.

Company donates thousands to hospital charity

A company that gave thousands to The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Charitable Fund have “saved Christmas”, according to its Fundraising Manager.

 Genmed donated £5,000 to The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Charitable Fund’s Christmas Appeal, an annual fundraising effort by the Northfield specialist NHS trust. The purpose of the appeal is to fund added extras for patients and staff over the Christmas period that the NHS cannot, such as gifts, bedside entertainment systems and support tools for patients, and training for staff. 

 Fundraising revenue for the charity is down £25,000 on the previous year, due mainly to cancellation of events. It has been buoyed however, by a portion of funds received from NHS Charities Together, which included money raised by Sir Captain Tom Moore in the summer. 

 Genmed’s generous donation allowed the Trust to decorate Christmas trees across the hospital site, including a mammoth tree at their main entrance, measuring approximately 60 feet! 

 Genmed helps clients to gain operational and financial efficiencies through managed services and supply chain excellence. They offer a complete range of procurement and supply chain activities including; spend data analytics, sourcing work plans, cost improvement programmes, inventory management and logistics solutions.

Genmed’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Wedgbury, said: “We are pleased to be working in partnership with The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and to sponsor the Christmas lights this year. The lights are wonderful, and I hope they continue to bring joy to the hard-working teams at RoH, their patients and visitors, as they have done today.”  

 Ali Gray, Fundraising Manager at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Charitable Fund, said: “Thank you so much to Genmed for their generous donation of £5,000 to this year’s Christmas Appeal. 

“After the most challenging year the NHS has ever faced, support for our charity is needed more than ever. We are incredibly grateful that their donation has allowed us to decorate our Christmas trees with beautiful lights to lift the spirits of our patients and staff.  

Genmed have saved Christmas!” 

If you would like to donate to our Christmas appeal, click here.

Patients Wellbeing is our Top Priority

Earlier this year Trustees agreed to invest in a wellbeing space for patients and families in our outpatients department. Patients visit us from across the UK with a range of different conditions and all need to be supported in different ways.

Staff at the Trust often have the difficult job of comforting distressed patients and their families after hearing bad news. The Reflection Room, which is now open, is a space where those patients and their families can go in order to take the time they need to process their thoughts. The space will also be used to offer a safe space for those with safeguarding concerns away from their loved ones.

“The room is often used for patients who are in shock and/or very upset. It’s great we now have a calming and comfortable space to take them during this time” Helen Alldrick – Outpatients Ward Manager

The department received £3500 worth of investment from the charity to ensure the space felt comfortable to those who use it. The investment included:

  • Comfortable sofas and seating
  • Calming wall art piece to offer a distractions from the usual hospital environment
  • Sensory equipment for those who benefit from a distraction whilst utilising the space

We hope the space will offer a more comfortable experience for our patients and all those who use it.

Young fundraiser rides over half the Birmingham Velo!

This week we received a donation from young fundraiser Oliver Giles whose Grandad has been cared for by the ROH for many years. Oliver’s Grandad is supported by the Trust for Bone Cancer (Sarcoma); he has been an inpatient many times and also visits us regularly for outpatient appointments. Oliver, just 10 years old has seen first-hand the support ROH has given to help keep his Grandad mobile over the years and wanted to do something to say thank you.

Oliver and his father rode an incredible 60 miles across their home town in order to raise money for our cause. Its safe to say Oliver and David were both exhausted after but most definitely felt it was all worthwhile.

Derek and his wife Sandra who have been a long term supporters of the Trust, shared this story in order to hopefully inspire others to keep fundraising throughout this time.

The family decided to contribute these funds towards our new Patient Entertainment System which will enable patients to be video call loved ones. This is something Derek feels passionately about after saying himself in hospital many times and his family being so far away. We are hoping to have the system installed before Christmas, in order for patients to enjoy the service over the Christmas Holidays.

Anna, Autumn & Voilet’s New Fundraising Venture

Last weekend Autumn, Voilet and Mum, Anna set up a fundraising stall outside their home in order to raise money for our charity.

Autumn is a spinal patient at ROH and recently received surgery for Scoliosis to correct two curves in her spine. She was visiting Mr Mehta’s clinic when Autumn spoke to us about how she was really happy with both how the surgery and check-up went and wanted to do something to say thank you.

Anna said “Autumn was very excited that she gained an extra 5cm after surgery meaning she no longer had to use a car seat!”

A pix and mix station was installed outside their home for their local community to enjoy. 10 large boxes of Haribos and lots of pennies later, an amazing £364.21 was raised.

We cannot thank Autumn, Violet and Anna enough for their support. They are not only known within the Trust for their fundraising initiatives, they are now known externally for raising the profile of The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, which is so important.

Check out our fundraising from home page to find out how you can get involved!

Thankful Friday Wk6 22/5/2020

This week reports have been significantly better in terms of deaths within the UK. However, hospital admissions are still high and we mustn’t forget that. Staff members across the UK including those at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) are working tirelessly each day and night to keep our friends and family safe. The cleaners, porters, administrators, caterers and all those clinical workers are essential to tackling this virus and keeping the NHS wheel turning.

This week we have been sent amazing gifts to help give staff members that added boost they so deserve. We would like to say a huge thank you to those who have donated gifts this week and over the last weeks, they really do mean a lot!

  • Kelloggs, for donations lots of boxes of Special K to our staff members
  • Innocent Drinks, for donating their healthy smoothies to give them an added energy boost


This week ex staff member and local fundraiser Lisa Pim, delivered handmade care packs to our staff members filled with treats. Sandwiches, biscuits, cupcakes, fruit… you name it they received it. They were distributed across the trust and the response was incredible. Staff members were so thankful and excited to have a treat. We cannot thank Lisa and the team that supported her to build these packs enough. It really does help motivate our staff members!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Brett Ellis staff member and fundraiser within ROH. Brett is an active fundraiser and is always trying new ways to support our charity. Since the start of lockdown Brett has continued to source gifts for the trust. This has resulted in gifts of thousands of chocolate bars, chewing gum and much more. Its so admirable to see that NHS staff are actively supporting their organisations too, Brett is just one of the many staff members at ROH who are fundraising whilst working.

Yet again Critical Care Sister Natalie Jackson continues to work long stressful shifts as well as organise donations for staff members at ROH. Natalie is one of the many staff members at the ROH tending to the needs of both suspected and confirmed COVID patients. She uses this as a motivator to keep the donations flowing. Her experience means that she can empathise with how hard it is to be on the frontline, all she wants to do is help make NHS staff smile again.

Read all about our other NHS fundraising heroes in our previous blog post!

Our NHS heroes: acts of kindness!

Everyone at the The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has been going over and above, in their work, in patient care, in the extra hours they are giving, in the compassion they are showing for others and in how they are helping the hospital manage during this difficult period. Everyone deserves recognition for their contribution and we want to thank all the staff members working hard throughout the trust.. 

We would also like to shine a light on all those staff members who have supported us, while continuing with their day job! Between them, they have raised an incredible £6,000 which has supported staff and patients. These are amazing acts of kindness! I’m sure you’ll join us in saying a huge thank you to them.

  • Brett Ellis

Brett, Medical Education Manager, has a long history of supporting our charity by running and taking part in fundraising events. Since lockdown, Brett has gone out of his way to provide freebies to our organisation through a portal called GemsAtWork. This has resulted in protein shakes, chewing gum, protein bars, Galaxy chocolate and more. These has all been distributed across the organisation, in order to help you have the added boost you all need.

  • Olivia O’Connell

Olivia, newly qualified staff nurse went out of her way to produce care packages for our patients who are struggling to get their daily supplies. Olivia set up her own GoFundMe page and proceeded to raise over £1400 for her cause, which resulted in over 230 care packages distributed to patients across the organisation.

“my mom has been given one of our packages, thank you so much, she thought it was lovely and has helped her at what has been a really difficult time – you are an angel” Patients mother,

Olivia’s support has provided extra support to patients across the organisation in a really special way. It has meant so much to many patients especially as many of them have been unable to see their loved ones for some time.

  • Natalie Jackson

Natalie, Critical Care Sister, has been fundraising for ROH staff support since April. Natalie set up a GoFundMe page after having a stressful day visiting COVID-19 positive patients. She saw the financial and mental stress her fellow workers are experiencing everyday.

“There are strict infection control and prevention guidelines in place which we have to adhere to once we have cared for a COVID 19 patient. We have to have a shower once that care has finished either at the end of the shift or before we attend another patient.”

Natalie raised over £1000 for the trust and continued to make up care packs for each area. These included washing facilities to ensure staff who had to shower regularily atleast had a nice product to use, hand creams to help support staff with very saw handed from all the washing and alcohol used as well as sweet goodies to give them that added boost.

Nearly two months on, Natalie still continues to add to these packages, sourcing and delivering new donations each week. We cannot thank her enough for her support, it has meant that many staff within the organisation have left a shift feeling slightly more boosted than they would have otherwise and that really does mean a lot.

  • Gemma Caton

Gemma, administrator for the Infection Control Team decided to build her own fundraiser to support the organisation. As a fully qualified make up artist, she wanted to use her skills and facebook followers to give something back to ROH.

“I want to help give something back to ROH staff by raising as much as I can to say thank you and make some smiles as they have been working day and night to help those who are still in need of medical care in this time but some have also caught this horrible virus too.”

Gemma organised a Facebook Live make up session with her first ever rainbow look and raised over £120 towards our cause. We cannot thank Gemma enough for going out of her way to support us, and for recognising the hard work of all the staff members throughout the organisation.

  • Trudy Leach

Trudy, housekeeper and avid fundraiser has been going out of her way to ensure staff within the organisation we getting all the gifts and donation they deserve.

Trudy has been organising donations from her local community and supporting Natalie’s appeal to support staff within the organisation.  Thanks to her help, we have received over 30 tubes of The Body Shop hand cream, over 80 packets of biscuits, even more toiletries and lots of chocolate. All an amazing pick me up for the staff supporting this outbreak.

Again, we cannot express out thanks enough to Trudy, who like all our fundraiser are still working within the hospital throughout this pandemic.

  • Mr Deshmukh

Mr Deshmukh, took it upon himself to build his own fundraiser, supporting the @NHSCharitiesTogether COVID-19 appeal. Mr Deshmukh managed to raise over £1,455.00 including gift aid. Absolutely incredible.

The NHS Charities Together COVID-19 appeal is incredibly important to all us NHS Charities. It means we are able to further support staff and patients through this complex time. The appeal has meant we have been able to support patients and staff in a way we couldn’t have before. We have given care packs to staff filled with goodies, as well as purchased new sensory items for patients as well as ipads for those who desperately want to videocall their loved ones.

We are so thankful to Mr Deshmukh for helping to support and advertise this truly life changing appeal.

If you know someone within the organisation going above and beyond to support staff and patients. Email we’d love to know how they are helping and make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

Thankful Friday, Wk5 (15/5/2020)

Its been another tough week for NHS staff across the country, as well as those working at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. We have been working hard to ensure every staff member feels supported. The gifts and donations we are receiving are giving them that added boost they all deserve!

This week we would like to say a big thank you to those who have given gifts for or staff members, these have been distributed across the hospital and everyone was so grateful!

  • Sainsburys Northfield, for gifting 300 doughnuts for our Nurses and ODP day celebrations
  • Katie Young from Katie Michelle Nail Salon, for gifting pamper packs for our staff members
  • Chung Ying Restaurant, for donating hot meals to our physiotherapy team
  • Avon, for donating hand creams to our frontline staff
  • Gems at Work, for donating 700 cliff protein bars


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mr Deshmukh, consultant at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. How took it upon himself to build his own fundraiser, supporting the @NHSCharitiesTogether COVID-19 appeal. Mr Deshmukh managed to raise over £1,455.00 including gift aid. Absolutely incredible.

The NHS Charities Together COVID-19 appeal is incredibly important to all us NHS Charities. It means we are able to further support staff and patients through this complex time. You can support the appeal by texting your message of support £5 to the #OneMillionClaps campaign. Simply text CLAP & your message of support to 70507 to donate £5.

Singer Alex Lleo held his first fundraiser this week, raising money to support the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital after his Nan was cared for by the trust. Several weeks ago, the hospital treated Alex’s grandmother for a fractured hip. She also contracted COVID-19 following the operation and was treated in an isolation ward. On seeing the care, courage and compassion for his Nan and the ongoing need for vital equipment, Alex decided to livestream a performance to fundraise for the Trust. You can find Alex Lleo on facebook, here. We will be announcing the amount raised very soon!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Sister Natalie Jackson, who continues to organise  donations to the trust and distribute them to key clinical areas. We cannot thank her enough.

Thankful Friday Wk 4 (8/5/20)

Yet again, we would like to say a huge thank you to those who have supported us over the whole of this unique period. Your acts of kindness are boosting morale and helping to keep stress levels down for those who are working hard on the front line.

Gifts in kind

This week we would like to say a huge thank you to the following, for donating gifts in kind that mean so much:

  • Gems at work for donating Chewing gum & masses of Galaxy Vegan Chocolate for our staff members
  • Local resident Sue for donating hand-made washable uniform bags
  • John Lewis for donating care packages to our Large Joints Secretarial Team
  • Vitabiotics for donating vitamin D support to staff members
  • Leasowes High School who created and donated PPE equipment to staff members
  • Watan Kashmiri Restaurant for donating hot meals to our facilities & domestic staff


A huge thank you goes out to NHS Charities Together and everyone who has contributed to their COVID-19 appeal, as well as Alleyn’s school who donated a huge £10,000 to us. These donations have enabled us to give so much more support to Patients and Staff during this time.

This week Staff Wellbeing packs were distributed to all working within the trust to say thank you. Included was lots of goodies, vouchers for our café as well as supportive information.

Find out how we are utilising your donations to support patients and staff at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. Simply click here.


  • Sister Natalie yet again amazes us with her support in gathering donations and distributing across the hospital. Please help us in saying thank you for her amazing work, we couldn’t be more grateful.
  • Nathan Samuels, featured on NHS Heroes on Channel 4, is holding a facebook & Instagram live DJ set on Saturday in order to raise money for our cause. Check out his page @DJAycee7 to find out more.
  • Mr Deshmukh, Consultant at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and fundraiser will be live streaming his own fundraising event on the 10th May in order to raise money for the NHS Charities Together, COVID-19 appeal. Check out his Justgiving page to find out more.

#GivingTuesdayNow – 5th May 2020

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day brought to encourage giving in light of the current global crisis. We would like to say a huge thank you to those who have supported us over the last few weeks through these unprecedented times.

We have received over £55,000 worth of support which has meant we are able to support patients and staff in ways we haven’t been able to before.

Here are some examples of how we have been able to support them:


We have funded numerous Ipads to be distributed across our wards so that patients can video-call loved ones. This has given patients an added boost to help them feel more positive about their hospital stay, helped to make people feel less anxious and also helped families feel more at ease.

Supportive equipment:

We have sourced additional sensory equipment for patients experiencing severe anxiety, memory loss and confusion. This equipment has been able to help soothe these patients. Ward staff have been playing music from different eras to help soothe patients and it has proven to really lift spirits.

Well-being Packs:

We are very aware of the stress staff members working at the hospital are experiencing at the moment. Many of whom who are in direct contact with potential or confirmed COVID-19 cases. Today we have delivered well-being packs to staff members to help show them we care. These are filled with goodies to help boost their morale at the current time. Chocolate, hot drink sachets, mental health information and vouchers for our in-house café.

We are also looking at supporting the following over the next few weeks:

  • Online platforms for patient support with physiotherapy needs
  • Nightwear for patients
  • Patient care packages.

We are always looking for new ways to support patients and staff through this time. If you would like to support us through this journey, visit or contact us on .

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