Social Media Hints and Tips

Share your story! Tell your friends, family and followers why you are fundraising and what it means to you.

We would love for you to follow us on all of our social media platforms. That way you will be kept up-to-date with our important news, events and fundraising activities. You will also be able to share your own fundraising activities with us and join the ROH family!

Social Media Tips

Share your story! Tell your friends, family and followers why you are fundraising and what it means to you. By sharing your story, it allows people to connect with you and to gain a better understanding of your reasoning for wanting to raise money for a charity. Social media is an excellent way to reach a wider audience, therefore you should ensure that you are utilising these platforms to guarantee that your followers are hearing your story.

Check out our stories page for some inspiration

Make use of Hashtags

Hashtags are essential when it comes to social media, they let others find your posts easily and are an effective way to increase your organic reach.

  • use #loveROH on your tweets, as this is the general hashtag used for the Trust.
  • #CharityTuesday and #FundraisingFriday are excellent ones to also use.
  • #BrumHour takes place every Sunday on Twitter, you can use the hashtag in your tweets to promote your fundraising to people all over Birmingham.
  • Some more commonly used hashtags are #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayWisdom, #ThursdayThoughts.
    You can could even use hashtags in front of important words in your posts, such as #fundraise or #charity.


Pictures really do say a thousand words and help bring your story to life. Make sure you include photos and videos in your posts to catch people’s attention while they’re scrolling through social media. It is more likely people will interact with posts that have You could even use the charity logo in your posts to show that you’re fundraising for us!

Schedule posts!

Scheduling posts is a fantastic way of ensuring you always have social media content. You might not have the time to regularly update your feed, therefore ensuring you have posts scheduled means your followers will still be kept up-to-date with your fundraising. TweetDeck is a free Twitter scheduling platform that is available to use.

Be interactive!

People might start replying to your posts and responding efficiently keeps people engaged, and prevents them from losing interest. Communication is key to getting people to engage with your fundraiser!  Building a good relationship with your followers could lead to increasing the chances of them remembering to give to your fundraiser.

We’re here to help!

If you require any support, then please do not hesitate to contact us on Make sure to tag us in all of your tweets and we will re-tweet them through the charity account! Don’t be scared to ask people if they’ll donate, and also if they’ll follow you and share your posts with their own followers. It is always worth retweeting your own tweets too, as this will bounce the tweet back to the top of your follower’s feeds. 

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