Your support helps us in many different ways, we’ve listed just some of them below:

LD Appeal iconSupporting people with Learning Disabilities | help us do moreLD Appeal Totalizer

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital treat a high number of people with Learning Disabilities each year. We’re proud of the care we offer to everyone and we are always keen to make improvements wherever possible. Last year we recruited our first ever Learning Disabilities nurse, Nathan Samuels. He has been hard at work making sure the services we provide meet the needs of people with learning disabilities. Nathan has supported staff to ensure feel supported through every step of their care journey.

But we want to do more and we need your help!

Support specialist training

We know that we can make our care even better. We want to provide specialist training to our staff so that anyone with a Learning Disability who visits our hospital will be cared for in a way which exactly meets their needs. We want to make this training mandatory so that it becomes embedded in the culture of our hospital. We believe that everyone with a Learning Disability deserves amazing care and you can help us achieve this. To provide additional training to one member of staff costs just £5. To train all our frontline staff it would cost just £800, a small cost but worth the huge positive impact! Could you help?

Help build Sensory rooms

Sensory rooms have been proven to help people with all kinds of Learning Disabilities and several Mental Health conditions. They can help make people feel more calm and happy in their care environment. We have a high number of Learning Disability patients and we believe their experience would be greatly improved by being able to offer them a sensory area. With your help we can make this happen! Make a donation today and make a difference to just one of our patients lives.

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The Throne Project

Making our patient bathrooms dementia friendlyThe Throne Project totalizer

Here at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital we want to ensure each and every patient has the best experience whilst staying with us. For people with dementia, particularly when they are ill, hospital settings can be confusing, challenging and overwhelming. What happens in hospitals can have a profound effect on individuals and their families, not only in terms of their inpatient experience, but also their ongoing health and the decisions that are made about their future.

The Throne project has been launched to ensure our patient bathrooms provide the best environment for patients with dementia and with visual impairments. With dementia on the rise our hospital is actively taking measures to ensure we are dementia friendly at every point in a patients journey. With your help we can make this happen.

We are working with occupational therapists, nurses and doctors to ensure our toilets are as safe as possible. Just some of the things we are looking at doing when redeveloping our bathrooms will be:

  • Having contrasting colour handrails and toilet seats helps patients to see key areas of the bathroom. This minimises falls and injury when using the bathroom.
  • Opting for bins without a foot peddle, to ensure patients do not need to balance on one leg to open the bin.
  • Clear signage to the patient bathrooms, with images. This helps support orientation and independence.
  • Reduce risk of falling whilst patients are washing and dressing in bathroom, by providing rails for support and equipment.

This is a project we are working on this year! Each of our fundraising events this year will fund part of this project.

Find out about our current fundraising events supporting this appeal,  here!

eureka logoThe Eureka Appeal!

Empowering research and innovation in orthopaedics

Research is incredibly important! Research leads to new ways to treat, support and cure people. We want as many people as possible to live independent and pain free lives, we want to cure rare bone and soft tissue cancers. Your support will make all the difference.

Eureka! is an ongoing appeal which our charity has supported for a long time. The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has been a research pioneer for 200 years. We want to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in orthopaedic care. Our research changes lives and you can help.

By supporting the Eureka! appeal you will be helping to sustain and fund new projects. You’ll be directly helping our consultants and nurses carry our research and trial new treatments. You’ll be investing in better care in the future and ensuring that when people need treatment, they get the very best. Find out more about our research here.

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Invest in our best | The Thank you appeal!

Because a hospital is not a building – it’s the people who work there

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is famous for the amazing care we provide. In fact we score in the top 10% for patient experience in the whole country. This is an amazing achievement and only possible because our staff really care about making you better.

The Invest In Our Best Appeal gives you an opportunity to give back to our amazing staff and thank them for the care they provide. It’s an amazing way to say thank you and support our amazing care professionals.

Invest In Our Best allows you to support additional training in the latest treatments and techniques. It helps grow the skills on offer in the Trust and provides all those extra bits of funding which help make the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital so special. It also helps to fund celebratory awards which publicly thank our hard-working doctors and nurses for the care they provide.

Many patients and visitors wish to thank a specific ward, a nurse, administrator, doctor or even the whole hospital for the care they received. This appeal has been established to ensure we use these funds for exactly that, to say thank you!

In 2017/18 we funded over £30,000 worth of training and events and we need your support to continue to invest where it matters most – in the people who care for you and the people you love.

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Find out about our current fundraising events supporting this appeal,  here!