Isolation may be proving difficult for a lot of people. Boredom and loneliness could quite easily take over the country if we let it. Instead why not set yourself and your family a challenge, and support us whilst you do it.

We have lots of ideas that you and the family can do either at home or in your local park, all you need to do is pick one and open a fundraising page to tell all your family and friends.

It’s as simple as that!

How will everyone know I am completing my challenge?

Use the technology around you to prove you have been meeting your goal. Video yourself and your family working out to Joe Wicks, share your fitbit goals being met for each day, or even take a quick before and after snap on each day of your workout. Evidence is key and friends will be more encouraged to donate when they see you are working hard!

Heres some ideas to get you started!

Its perfect to do from your own home and anyone can get involved. Whilst you’re in isolation and off school/work/college you can always grow it make if its not for you!

Hold a bake-a-thon for the vulnerable

Why not bake as many cakes or creations you can in 12 hours. This is great way to keep you and your family busy. You can then gift your creations to vulnerable members of your local community…. or keep them for yourself!

You could live stream it on social media, or take before and after videos of each bake and the time you completed each one.

Why not do something you love for an extended amount of time each day. Sing or dance around your living room for 2/4/6/8 hours.

This might be a one off day, or every day for a week whatever challenges you, but your challenge needs to be achievable!


Hit your daily step goal for a whole week or month!

Do you have a fitness watch or app tracking your steps at home. To keep yourself active why not pledge to hit the average daily step goal in the uk 10,000 every day for a whole month. You can go about your daily life but be a little more active. It keeps your wellbeing high and also gives you’re a challenge to focus on.

You could pledge to climb Everest over a number of days from your own home. Use your daily excersize to do something amazing.

  • 3 day challenge, Steps needed per day – 19,356 per day
  • 5 day challenge, steps needed per day – 11,614 per day
  • 7 day challenge, steps needed per day – 8,295 per day

Join the virtual climb!

Why not pledge to climb a mountain or building that means something to you, in staircases! So for example, climbing Mount Kilamanjaro is the equivalent of climbing 2578 sets of stairs!

You can do its from your own home, or if your have a fitness app go climbing your favourite near by hills and you’ll soon see your climbing rate build up.

Heres some of the nations favourite landmarks, in flights of stairs:

  • Scarfell Pike, England – 412
  • Big Ben – 42
  • Mount Snowdon – 475
  • Ben Nevis – 587
  • Blackpool tower – 69

Choose a time frame that challenges you based on your ability and away you go!

Join Joe Wicks every morning for a month!

Joe Wicks and his virtual PE lessons have taken the world by storm, but not just with the little ones. Adults are joining in too and are reaping the rewards. Why not pledge to take part every day for a month, in return for donations. You can use photos and videos to show your donors how each day went.

You can do this alone or a fundraiser with the whole family

Have you always been interested in upping your cycling fitness. Why not pledge to ride 200/100/50 for 7 consecutive days (a full week) as part of your daily excersize. You never know you could be ready for our velo team next year!

· 200 mile challenge – 30 miles a day

· 100 mile challenge – 14 miles a day

· 50 mile challenge – 7 miles a day