Organise an event

We’re excited that you want to organise an event to support us – thank you!
Please share your plans with us, by emailing
Share as much information as you can so that we understand your event and how we best can support you with it.

What campaigns can I get involved in?

Focus your event on a specific appeal

You can support any one of our amazing appeals, that way you know your donation is going to a great cause!

click here to find out more.

NHS Big Tea Celebrations | 5th July

The BigTea is all about supporting NHS hospital charities and celebrating amazing care. The BigTea has been built so that the public can get involved too!

Find out more about this campaign online by clicking here.

Giving Tuesday | 3rd December 2019

We’ve teamed up with Giving Tuesday this year to promote Britain’s number day of giving!

To find out more about this campaign, visit

UK Charity Week

This year we’ve planned our Christmas celebrations around #ukcharityweek, and you can too.

To find out all about  #ukcharityweek, and the charities involved visit


How do I set up my own event?

There’s are few things you need to remember to ensure your fundraising event is successful. Below we have listed all the things you need to consider below:

Where to start? Tell us!

Of course it all depends on the type of fundraising event you are thinking about doing, but here’s some of the basic things to think about:

Register your event online by emailing this will mean you’ll be given a letter of authorisation to show this is a legitimate fundraising campaign.

Build your online fundraising page on:

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Set a date and a venue.

Think about the weather, the amount of people you would like to attend, facilities available, disabled access ect.

Don’t forget to ask about freebies! Businesses may be interested in donating things or giving a discount code for a good cause. This is great for things like raffles, bake sales or tombolas, so never be afraid to ask!

Set a budget for the event, make a list of all the essentials you’ll need and stick to it.

Set a realistic fundraising target, and give yourself enough time to set a plan of how to achieve it!

Respecting the community:

Don’t forget that there are laws around where and when we can fundraise. We would ask that you respect local businesses and members of the community by adhering to the below rules:

  • Collecting donations on private property, for example a shop, supermarket or pub.

Make sure you ask the owner’s permission in advance. Leave plenty of time in case the person you ask has to check with someone else.

  • Collecting donations on public property, for example a public park, square or street.

In order to collect donations in the public place you will need a licence. For details around this contact us at

  • If you are organising an event in a public place you will need from the local authority first. We can help you with this if need be, just let us know where and when the event will be and we’ll look into whether this is feasible.

Shout about it!

Don’t forget to tell people about your event or complain! If people don’t know about it, they won’t donate. Below are just a few things you can do to publicise your event:

  • Use social media!

Social media is a great way of letting a lot of people know about your event without much work. Write a post and don’t forget to tag @ROHCharitablefunds or #TeamROH and we’ll share/re-tweet! If your organising an event, don’t forget to tag any other businesses involved and get them to share the post too!

  • Fundraising Material

For events, posters, flyers and online adds are a great way to spread the word within the local community. Don’t forget we’re always here to help with this, if you need it!

  • Press releases,

If you think your event is press worthy, contact the communications team via the details below and we’ll talk through this with you.

  • Use ROH facilities

We’re here to help with all things fundraising, whether this is sending an invite to all  our stakeholders, or putting a poster in our monthly newsletter we can help.

On the day of your event:

  • Make sure you have a clear plan of the day and arrive in enough time.
  • Make sure you have enough volunteers to help out or cheer on!
  • Make sure you ask for consent to take any photos of people at the event. Your welcome to request photography consent forms from us via
  • Post on social media throughout the event!
  • Have fun!

Let us know how you got on!

  • Collect up any sponsorship forms and donations. Chase for any pledged donation if these haven’t already been received.
  • Count up all donations and money raised. Make a cheque payable to The Royal Orthopaedic Charitable Fund for the amount.
  • Send the cheque to us along with any sponsorship forms and a covering letter detailing your names, address, telephone number and event details. Don’t forget to include your just giving page details and we’ll thank all the donors for you!

You can either send this in the post to the below address or pop in to see us!

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