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Based on the latest evidence from around the world, the JointCare programme at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is setting new standards for NHS hip and knee replacement surgery in England. JointCare is based on a model of ‘wellness’ focussed  on movement and recovery. Since the introduction of this programme we now regularly see patients go home just 24 – 48 hours after their surgery. Here’s how the charity has supported this amazing new pathway:

We funded therapy chairs: these specialist chairs support physio exercises to be completed safely and effectively. The chairs fully recline and are easy to manoeuvre, ensuring any unwell patients can be cared for appropriately. They are provided above and beyond what the NHS would usually provide and directly support patient recovery.

We funded enhanced physiotherapy equipment: this specialist equipment is intended for each patient to use whilst in group therapy sessions. They support independence and help meet the range of needs presented by different patients.

We funded a wellness room mural: the wellness room is designed to feel very different to a clinical environment. We want patients to recover in a bright and positive space and the mural helps to set this tone. We worked with a local artist to develop a mural and it looks fantastic and patients love it!

After evaluating the feedback of 50 patients following these changes being implemented, we achieved a 100% satisfaction rate. This is a great example of how our charity supports The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital to deliver world class care and amazing patient outcomes.

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