Supporting young adult patients

Staying in hospital effects people in different ways. Young adult patients are just one of the many groups of individuals we support whilst in hospital. Young adults, patients aged 16 – 24, have the added pressure of transitioning between child and adult NHS services, as well as receiving sometimes life-changing treatment.

The transition is different for every individual, but can cause an immense amount of added anxiety towards being in hospital, for both the patient and their family. ROC actively supports these individuals to help this transition to be as smooth and comfortable as possible.

In August 2019 we launched our first bespoke Young Adult rooms for patients aged 16 – 24 and their families to stay.

The room was designed and supported by patients. They helped us with all elements of the room, from the colour scheme to the entertainment available.

These rooms create a safe supportive space for patients and their families to stay. The rooms are equipped with smart TV’s, books, board games and games stations to help patients enjoy their stay with us. There is also the space and facility for family members to stay along side the patient if they would like.

We know that being distracted can help with anxiety, and we hope that the elements in the room do exactly that.

“It was lovely and big with my own bathroom – the curtain was there to pull across if needed and It was lovely and private – also liked that my mum could stay with me too”

Emmanuel was one of the first a patients who stayed in a young adult room. He felt the room was vibrant and more importantly, didn’t feel like a hospital environment.

Since this 3 other young adult rooms have been launched across the hospital on inpatient wards.

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