Autumn’s Awesome Birthday Fundraiser

So today we met the lovely Autumn who has been hard at work promoting the hospital, raising awareness and holding a birthday fundraiser!

Autumn, age 9, is a scoliosis patient at the hospital and has been for many years. Autumn attends regular check ups at the hospital with consultant Mr Mehta, who is a specialist spinal surgeon. Her regular appointments require x-rays and fitting of new braces to support her back.

“I have scoliosis, a condition that mean I have a curved spine. I go to the hospital for my braces it be fitted, x-rays and I’ve also had an MRI there”

Autumn wanted to give something back to the hospital, to say thank you for all the support she’s had over the years, and will continue to have in the future. Her birthday was coming up, and she decided this year she would forfeit gifts for something more special.

“I organised a birthday fundraiser. We had 10 stalls including guess the name of the teddy, face painting, pancakes, and craft stalls”

Autumn invited all the children at her primary school along and over 70 children attended and took part in the fun.

After, we even had a disco whilst my grandad counted the money”

All Autumns hard work paid off and she raised a huge £730.56 for the hospital charity.

We are completely overwhelmed by the selflessness and resilience of this young lady. For most 9 year olds, receiving gifts on their birthday is one of the highlights of their year, but Autumn sacrificed all that for us and we can’t thank her enough.

Photo, Autumn and little sister Violet after their proud school presentation

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