Charity football match raises over £1700 for ROH!

On Sunday 31st July, colleagues from The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) took on Nightingale Football Club in an unforgettable, friendly football match, to raise money for ROH Charity. Overall, an incredible £1784.05 was raised in support of The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital!

The match took place at The Arden Garages Stadium in Stratford-upon-Avon, with over 100 spectators in attendance who added to the electric atmosphere by cheering on both teams. It was a close match during the first hour, until the 60th minute when registrar, Ibrahim Jaly, scored the first goal for ROH!

In the end, ROH took home the win with a final score of 4-0. The second goal was scored by Nathan Derrick, who works in theatres and porter, Ryan Rumley, scored the last two goals for the ROH.

Nightingale F.C was formed in April 2020, in the early stages of the national lockdown imposed by the government due to the spread of COVID-19. The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Charity is the main football club’s sponsor and since 2020, the club has raised an extortionary amount for the charity.


The ROH team was made up of staff from governance, theatres, IT, HR, specimen drivers, research, porters, registrars and more. Whilst the match was taking place spectators enjoyed a dessert from Brownie Boss, who kindly supported this event. A huge thanks to Brett Ellis (Education & Training Manager and Nightingale F.C player) who kindly donated garden games, colouring books, and bubbles for those on the day who wanted to partake in the activities.

Spectators supported the event by purchasing tickets to the event, raffle tickets and treating themselves to a dessert. All of which were items kindly donated to us by our wonderful partners, sponsors, and local businesses.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the following businesses for supporting this event, without whom we would not have raised these vital funds:

  • Stratford Football Club
  • Tutto Apposto – Private dining
  • Bistrot Pierre
  • Turtle Bay
  • West Bromwish Albion Football Club
  • SnowDome
  • Childs Farm
  • The Brownie Boss – Halesowen

Thank you to all those to supported the event to make it a success!

A special thank you to Nightingale FC for collaborating with us for this incredible event, as well as ROH Staff members Brett Ellis, Ash Tullet and Victoria Scott who did an incredible job managing the event on the day. We could not have raised the amount we did without them!

If you would like to get involved with future ROH Charity events, visit our fundraising pages here or contact the team via our details below.

ROH Charity supports ROH’s Blue Heart Awards!

On Friday 8th July The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital hosted their first Staff awards – ‘Blue Light Awards’ since before the pandemic.

This year ROH Charity supported the event by gaining sponsorship from various individuals and businesses all of which went towards celebrating the incredible staff at ROH.

On Friday 8 July, The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital celebrated the first Blue Heart Awards and the first awards event at a special venue since February 2020. This year ROH Charity supported the event by gaining sponsorship from various individuals and businesses all of which went towards celebrating the incredible staff at ROH.

The Blue Heart Awards celebrate the ‘heart of healthcare’ and the incredible things that the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital team do every day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the amazing ROH team, recognising their talent, compassion and dedication.

Nominations opened in March with finalists announced in May, an array of awards were selected with over 500 nominations received from staff, patients, relatives and members of the public.

“Supporting staff within the Trust is one of our main objectives. The Blue heart awards offers the opportunity for staff to feel valued and recognised for going above and beyond. Therefore, we jump at the chance to be involved and support the Trust in this way” – Ali Gray, Charity Manager

ROH Charity received an overwhelming amount of support this year for the awards. Genmed pump primed the event by becoming the main event sponsor, their support has enabled the event to be bigger and better than ever.

Left to right: Professor Phil Begg - Executive Director of Strategy and Delivery, Jo Williams - Chief Executive Officer, Gemma Pearcey - Genmed representative, Elaine Bunn - Fundraising Officer, Ali Gray - Charity Manager, Tim Pile - Chairman.

Support was also gained by the following, in which we are so grateful:

The event also celebrated staff fundraisers within the ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ category, with over 11 individuals shortlisted all of whom still are dedicated to supporting ROH Charity both inside and outside of work.

Members of the Charitable Funds Committee voted to decide their winner; however it was noted that they should all be acknowledged for their incredible achievements. Mr Deshmukh, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon was voted the winner of this category, below details his nomination which displays his achievements over the last few years:

“Mr Deshmukh is a regular fundraiser for us however took it upon himself to take part in the Virtual London Marathon as well as his own personal challenge to complete 6 Marathons challenge in 7 months. Mr Deshmukh went on to raise over £1300 towards ROH Charity and has since gone onto sign up for the 2022 event too.  Mr Deshmukh is one of the first consultants to contact us and get involved in a fundraising activity in support of our Charity and is a great role model to others in the same or similar field”

Medical Secretary to Mr Deshmukh - Rebecca Walker receiving the award on Mr Deshmukh's behalf.
To support this event or any others in our yearly calendar, contact the Charity Team on 0121 685 4379 or
To view the full list of the Blue Heart Awards winners, click here.

Over £1000 raised through the NHS Big Tea!

ROH Charity hosted their very own #BigTeaParty in celebration of the NHS’ 74th Birthday on the 5th July 2022. Over £1000 was raised for ROH Charity thanks to the generous donations made from Archies Flipflops, Starbucks Maypole and Morrisons Bromsgrove.

“The NHS Big Tea campaign is so much more than just fundraising. It’s about raising the profile of NHS Charities across the region and the impact we can have on hospitals. That’s why this year we worked extra hard to support and engage with staff, patients, students and researchers through our Big-Tea celebrations, as well as raise funds for the hospital.” – Ali Gray, Charity Manager

All those in the hospital and the public, were invited to vote in ROH Charity’s first poster competition which launched in early June; an initiative created to help generate new wellbeing ideas which ROH Charity could support. Staff worked together to submit their idea in the form of a poster, which were exhibited both within the hospital and online. Voting opened for all on the NHS birthday (5th July) and will continue to be open until 8th July. Results of the votes will be used to help ROH Charity choose who are the deserving winners of the £5k prize.

A bake sale and flipflop sale also took place with the exhibition in order to raise funds for ROH Charity. This was hosted in the ROH Knowledge hub whereby volunteers, staff, students and researcher regularly convene and where ROH Charity invests a significant amount of their income.

“It was so lovely to see both clinical and non-clinical staff, students and researchers come together to support ROH Charity in such a positive environment. We would like to say a huge thank you to Archies Footwear, Starbucks Maypole and Morrisons Bromsgrove for supporting our NHS Big Tea Celebrations this year. We could not have done it without them” – Elaine Bunn, Fundraising Officer

ROH Charity always tries to support patients and alleviate stress in whatever way they can. Trust Volunteer – Gill kindly supported the event by distributing cakes and sweet treats to all our inpatients, completely free of charge as a gift from ROH Charity. Cards were also given to patients to explain the reasons for the NHS Big Tea and also acknowledge the generosity given from Starbucks Maypole and Morrisons Bromsgrove.

Staff and Volunteers were also gifted large boxes of chocolates to thank them for their incredible work this year. Members of the Trust board hand delivered these to departments as part of the celebrations, which were received gratefully by both clinical and non-clinical teams.

“We wanted to take the opportunity to thank the staff for all for the incredible work they do. The ROH is one team and by working together we really do change lives. In a fortunate turn of events, it’s also ‘World Chocolate Day’ this week on the 7 July – so obviously we had to blend both of these celebrations together!” – Jo Williams Chief Executive Officer

You can still support our NHS Big Tea campaign by hosting your own big tea party at home with your friends and family or with your colleagues at work!

To donate directly to our cause, visit the ‘Donate’ tab above or click here.

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has welcomed fundraisers from a local school

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has welcomed fundraisers from a local school, to see how their donations are going to make a difference to young patients at the hospital.

 Children from St Laurence Church School in Northfield raised a whopping £2,500 for the Children and Young People’s (CYP) Outpatient Department.

Image caption: Pupils and teachers from St Laurence Church Junior School, and staff at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.
Image caption: Pupils and teachers from St Laurence Church Junior School, and staff at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.

Staff at the ROH took the chance to show the children the impact their donation will make to the CYP outpatients department, and were able to speak about the charity and careers in the NHS.

Image caption: Children from the school were able to see where their fundraising money is going, and had a tour of the CYP department.

Pupils at St Laurence’s raised money by holding lunchtime stalls, taking part in games and raffles, raising a fantastic sum which will support the CYP outpatients department.

Rhian, one of the children on the pupil leadership team at St Laurence School, said: “It’s really good to see where our fundraising money is going to and learn more about the hospital. It makes me feel really proud.”

Previously, charitable donations have been able to purchase entertainment units and interactive games for children in waiting areas, as well as a renewed sensory room and installation of ‘under the sea’ themed wall art to make the space welcoming, friendly and put younger patients at ease.

Ali Gray, Charity Manager at ROH Charity, said: “These kind of partnerships with the local community are so important to us, and we really value when local children take it upon themselves to support us. The funds raised will enable us to give young patients at ROH an even better hospital experience, and for that we are so grateful.”

Marie Peplow, Chief Operating Officer at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, said: “it’s fantastic to show the school children the difference their donation will make first hand, and thank them for their generosity. “It’s been wonderful to inspire the next generation and show them what a career in the NHS could look like, and the range of exciting roles which are available in a trust like ROH.”

To make a donation to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Charitable Fund, visit:

Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day 2022

Today is Cerebral Palsy awareness day and we would like to share a story that will hopefully inspire those with this diagnosis as well as educate the public of the wide range of support The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital gives to patients across the UK

Tully Kearney – Paralympic Champion has been and is still a patient at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, visiting us since 2010. We met with Tully recently to talk about her ROH journey to raise awareness of the conditions in which she was diagnosed.

Tully was born with cerebral palsy and developed generalised dystonia (a progressive neurological movement disorder) in her mid-teens. These conditions affect her lower limbs, left arm and shoulders. In 2019, she was diagnosed additionally with scoliosis however none of these diagnosis’ stopped Tully from achieving her dreams.

Tully – who lives in Manchester whilst she is studying at university, often travels to ROH to receive treatments including regular Botulinum Toxin (Botox) injections. 

She often documents her visits on her own social media for her followers to see. Botox injections have the potential to help those struggling with intense muscle movements because of cerebral palsy which is just one of the treatments Tully receives when she visits us.

Tully is an incredible role model to all those living with cerebral palsy, dystonia and or scoliosis as she recently won multiple medals at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

“Swimming has always given me something to focus on, be proud of and it helps take my mind off my disability.”

“I am determined to carry on with my life and stay positive. My motto is, ‘Life… be in it’.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Tully who is an avid supporter of both the hospital and our Charity. We are so grateful for her support.

The Ice-lolly research trial!

Ice Lollies supporting patient wellbeing!

Consultant Anaesthetists, Dr Adam Hancox and Dr James Brunning contacted the ROH Charity in summer 2021 to initiate a new research trial to support the recovery of patients at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) in Birmingham. Their application was granted by the Trustees of the Charity and they proceeded with the trial.

Data from The Royal College of Anaesthetists national audit showed that the most common complaints after surgery were thirst, sore throat and post-op nausea and vomiting (PONV), this trial looks at an innovative way to suppress these symptoms for patients within recovery.

A registrar who worked in Holland trialled giving children ice lollies after their surgery.  When he walked into the recovery department, he discovered kids enjoying ice lollies rather than children in discomfort and crying which is usual for this age group. He was hugely struck by the impact something so small had on their wellbeing.

The ‘ice lolly trial’ as we call it, has been introduced at multiple other medical institutions across the UK. University College London introduced the trial within their Intensive Care Unit to support patients when taking their endotracheal tubes out (plastic breathing pipe into the windpipe that allows mechanical ventilation for sedated patients).

There was also a trial at the Mayo Clinic which looked at children’s attendances at A&E.  If the children were given ice lollies, 70% thought the doctors cared vs 57% without a lolly.

The trial was introduced at The ROH and data was collected from 154 patients.  Half of which were given ice lollies the others were not.  All patients had the same average level of comorbidities, length of surgery and starvation times.

As soon as the patient woke in recovery, the team completed a global wellness score and again on leaving recovery.

The cost of medication given to support the recovery of patients with PONV ranges from £1.52 – £5.99, whereas the cost of an ice lolly roughly 10p.

From the data collected, we can see that there is a slight decrease in the amount of medication given per person to the ice lolly group.

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Data was also collected for these patients around the length of time they stayed within recovery. The group of patients who were given ice lollies were able to leave the ward area 30 minutes prior to those who were not given an ice lolly.

In summary, it seemed that giving patients an ice lolly reduced their length of stay in recovery, improved their wellness, reduced thirst, sore throat and PONV and potentially saved a small amount of money.

This was a small project in which ROH Charity funded to support patient wellness. The results were positive and it is something the Trust are looking to implement further.

“The recovery staff really enjoyed it. It altered their interactions with the patients, and it brought a little bit of fun and an alternative to standard medical treatment for common problems for patients”  Dr James Brunning – Consultant Anaesthetist

“We would like to say thank you to Dr James Brunning and Dr Adam Hancox for letting us be part of such an innovative and fun research trial that produced really interesting results.” Ali Gray – Charity Manager

ROH Charity supports small start up research projects like this one all the time to enhance the experience of patients not only at ROH, but across the UK.

To find out more about how we support research at ROH, visit

Commemorative bench supporting wellbeing at ROH

Commemorative bench supporting wellbeing at ROH

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of organising a commemorative bench from a patient who has been visiting us here at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) for two years.

Mick Rodden contacted us after looking out of his side room window at the green space behind our Outpatients Department whilst he was an inpatient with us. He wanted to organise a bench to remember his time with us as well as give back to both patients and staff who utilise the green space for reflection.

Here is a note that Mick wrote to us after the bench was installed. It shows us that giving isn’t just imperative for us to support the ‘added extras’ at ROH, it is something that gives our donors pleasure too.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

Mick said: “ROH. looks after the repair and healing of the body and everyone on the wards trusts the dedication, quality and professionalism of the staff whose sole aim is to get you home feeling far better than when you were admitted. And they do that, they do it because they genuinely care. Everyone from the car park attendant, the cleaners, physios and nurses to the wonderful consultant and the rest of the team are patient-focussed.

“For myself, I have been coming to ROH for two years now, interrupted due to the COVID pandemic. I thought when I was transferred from my local Kettering Northants Hospital in 2019, I would be losing my leg but you have changed all that. I haven’t lost my leg and I have a positive vision for my future, being 70 doesn’t kerb my ambition.

“Mending the physical problems is what you do best, but you also make a difference to the patient’s mental health, the humour, the advice, the positivity, the different characters (crazily funny nurses and health care assistants) who treat and support us all make that difference.

“Donating towards a bench seat or table was an easy choice for me. I just asked the question, and it was done automatically. The charity does so much for the patients and staff wellbeing.

“This seat is something that patients, visitors and all staff can use, just to get away from the ward and relax for a short time whilst in pleasant, quiet surroundings especially in the summer can be an enormous benefit.

“We sometimes forget that the wellbeing of the people who look after us so well is paramount to our own successful healing.

“Thank you all at ROH.”

We would like to thank Mick for his contribution to supporting wellbeing at ROH as well as all of the donors, fundraisers and sponsors who make our work possible.

To donate or contribute towards this cause, simply contact the Fundraising Team via or by calling 0121 685 4379.

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