Children & Young People’s Appeal

For a child or young person, a hospital visit can be a scary experience. With your support, we can create a hospital environment that makes younger patients feel positive and comfortable when they need it most.

The Children and Young People’s Centre (CYPC) at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital cares for those aged 0-17 with a variety of complex conditions including spinal deformity and rare cancers. Patients visit for pre or post-surgical, diagnostic or therapeutic care. We always want to provide the best experience for patients and families where possible, which is where your support can help.

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is known for providing outstanding care, however the current CYPC wasn’t specially designed to support children and young people, and we want this to change. We want to create a more vibrant space that meets the needs of young patients and families. With your help, we can go the extra mile and ensure the centre is above and beyond any patients’ expectations.




Thanks to the support of our generous donors, sponsors and corporates we have been able to transform the Children and Young People’s Outpatients Department in order to support the patients journey. This includes:

- Bright and colourful waiting area with entertainment to keep everyone happy whilst they wait.

- Clinic rooms tailored for comfort and reassurance.

- A rejuvenated sensory facility for children and young people to utilise.

- A reflection room for patients and their families to utilise before or after appointments to process their thoughts and feelings.

- A calming environment throughout all areas of the centre.

The details really matter when it comes to care and this appeal will help fundraise for all the little things that will transform a child’s experience in hospital.

The new and improved Children & Young People's Outpatients Department opened in May 2021 thanks to your generous donations!

New interactive play facilities for all ages

New vibrant consultation rooms

New sensory facilities

New reflection space for patients and families

You can continue to support this appeal and the upkeep of this vibrant space:

Your support is vital to us being able to continue to support the Children & Young People's Outpatient's department.

Below are a few examples of how your contribution can support the department:

  • £25 could purchase a weighted teddy which is designed to comfort those receiving bad news.
  • £50 could purchase additional bubble tubes to help alleviate young people with anxiety and complex needs.
  • £100 could purchase 5 extra games on the playstation system within the waiting area.
  • £500 could support the yearly servicing of the entertainment units within the department.

Any amount you give makes a difference and it’s so easy to give!

Donate directly to this campaign.

Simply add into the comments on your donation that you would like to support this appeal.

Fundraise for us

Choose one of our organised events or create your own and choose to fundraise for us.


Sponsor us

You can support us by sponsoring an area of the department, room or piece of equipment.

Contact the team directly via 0121 685 4379 or by emailing


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