Invest in our Best Appeal

The Invest in our Best Appeal gives you an opportunity to give back to our amazing staff and thank them for the care they provide.

Because a hospital is not a building – it’s the people who work there

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is famous for the amazing care we provide. In fact we score in the top 10% for patient experience in the whole country. This is an amazing achievement and only possible because our staff really care about making you better.

The Invest In Our Best Appeal gives you an opportunity to give back to our amazing staff and thank them for the care they provide. It’s an amazing way to say thank you and support our amazing care professionals.

Invest In Our Best allows you to support additional training in the latest treatments and techniques. It helps grow the skills on offer in the Trust and provides all those extra bits of funding which help make the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital so special. It also helps to fund celebratory awards which publicly thank our hard-working doctors and nurses for the care they provide.

Many patients and visitors wish to thank a specific ward, a nurse, administrator, doctor or even the whole hospital for the care they received. This appeal has been established to ensure we use these funds for exactly that, to say thank you!

How your support helps:

Investment in learning was set up in December 2013 with the key aim to support the personal and professional development of staff at the Trust. Charitable funding was allocated to support apprenticeship qualifications, customer care training, developing technical skills and professional qualifications for career progression. The allocation continues to support the professional and personal development of staff. Despite many training events cancelled, over £12,000 of investment was made in staff training 2020/21.

This included:

  • Deaf Awareness Workshops for frontline clinical staff
  • Access to Higher Education Diploma – Allied Health Professionals
  • Nursing and Midwifery diploma
  • AMSPAR medical terminology training
  • Personal development courses and workshops
  • Nightingale Frontline Leadership Academy

Over the five years since the introduction of investment in learning initiative, the Trust has been able to support the personal and professional development of a high number of staff members, from a range of specialties and backgrounds.

Donate to this appeal

To donate to the ‘Invest in our best’ appeal, simply select your chosen donation method, and mention ‘Invest in our best’ in the comments, donation form or covering letter. We will write to you to confirm your donation will support this appeal.

Sponsor our awards ceremony

Every year we supports our annual staff awards ceremony in order to celebrate our staff & offer recognition for their great work.

The awards include:

  • Nurse of the year
  • Doctor/clinician of the year
  • Trust Values recognition awards 
  • Outstanding contribution to patient experience

If you would like to sponsor an award, or would like more details of how you can support our awards ceremony, contact our fundraising team on 0121 685 4379.

Nominations will open in February 2022

Fundraise for us

You can set up your own fundraising event to raise money for this appeal.

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