Thankful Friday Wk6 22/5/2020

This week reports have been significantly better in terms of deaths within the UK. However, hospital admissions are still high and we mustn’t forget that. Staff members across the UK including those at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) are working tirelessly each day and night to keep our friends and family safe. The cleaners, porters, administrators, caterers and all those clinical workers are essential to tackling this virus and keeping the NHS wheel turning.

This week we have been sent amazing gifts to help give staff members that added boost they so deserve. We would like to say a huge thank you to those who have donated gifts this week and over the last weeks, they really do mean a lot!

  • Kelloggs, for donations lots of boxes of Special K to our staff members
  • Innocent Drinks, for donating their healthy smoothies to give them an added energy boost


This week ex staff member and local fundraiser Lisa Pim, delivered handmade care packs to our staff members filled with treats. Sandwiches, biscuits, cupcakes, fruit… you name it they received it. They were distributed across the trust and the response was incredible. Staff members were so thankful and excited to have a treat. We cannot thank Lisa and the team that supported her to build these packs enough. It really does help motivate our staff members!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Brett Ellis staff member and fundraiser within ROH. Brett is an active fundraiser and is always trying new ways to support our charity. Since the start of lockdown Brett has continued to source gifts for the trust. This has resulted in gifts of thousands of chocolate bars, chewing gum and much more. Its so admirable to see that NHS staff are actively supporting their organisations too, Brett is just one of the many staff members at ROH who are fundraising whilst working.

Yet again Critical Care Sister Natalie Jackson continues to work long stressful shifts as well as organise donations for staff members at ROH. Natalie is one of the many staff members at the ROH tending to the needs of both suspected and confirmed COVID patients. She uses this as a motivator to keep the donations flowing. Her experience means that she can empathise with how hard it is to be on the frontline, all she wants to do is help make NHS staff smile again.

Read all about our other NHS fundraising heroes in our previous blog post!

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