The Allen family’s generous gesture

Following the passing of a patient who was under the care of Mr. David Dunlop, a touching gesture occurred during the patient’s funeral. The patient’s daughters, Kerry and Debbie, organised a collection, raising the sum of £250. In January, a representative from the Royal Orthopaedic Charity met with the Allen family. The daughters expressed their desire to involve Mr. Dunlop in deciding how the raised funds should be allocated. This thoughtful gesture reflects the appreciation and gratitude of the patient’s family but also recognises the dedication and care of not only Mr. Dunlop but of all members of the team throughout the patient’s journey.

The Allen family shared: “As a family, we always felt that our Mum was treated with care and respect by Mr Dunlop and his team during her stays with the ROH. Mr Dunlop took care of our Mum for a number of years and we are thankful for all his care he is truly a gift from God. The Allen family.”

Mr. Dunlop and the Occupational Therapists identified the need for haircare and toiletry products, including portable wash basins, hair dryers, detangling sprays and more, based on the challenges faced by bedridden patients. Many patients who are unable to leave their beds, lack access to basic amenities, making it difficult for them to manage their self care.  Engaging in self care can reduce stress and anxiety, boost self esteem and enhance mental health and wellbeing.  Recognising the barriers facing some patients, the team realised that providing these products could enhance patients’ sense of well-being and support their overall recovery.

Since the introduction of these products, patients on the orthopaedic wards have been able to utilise them effectively. The feedback received so far indicates that patients are pleased with the haircare and toiletry items. By improving access to these toiletries, the initiative has positively impacted the patients’ overall experience during their hospital stay. By fostering a sense of independence, patients are empowered to take care of themselves, enhancing their dignity and overall mood. This enhanced emotional well-being is vital in supporting their recovery journey.

A huge thank you to the Allen family for raising the funds to support this incentive!

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