ROC Roundup – March

On Friday 17th March we celebrated our 26th Anniversary!

For a whole 26 years we have been supporting The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital by funding initiatives to enhance the level of care the hospital provides for patients.

To celebrate, we had the amazing Brownie Boss onsite to serve up delicious treats to our patients and staff. From vegan, to Oreo, to kinder bueno, there was choice for everyone. They have proved to be extremely popular in the Trust! On the day, they raised an incredible £90 for the Charity. 

You can follow them on Instagram here.

We sold the left over Christmas Cadbury chocolate boxes for just £1 and they flew off the shelf! We raised an extra £86.50 for the Charity. 🎄


On 23rd April, Steve Washbourne (Executive Director of Finance and Performance at the Trust) will be running the London Marathon in aid of the Charity, Willow Foundation and Cancer Research. The Charities have been of huge importance and support to colleagues at the ROH who are currently receiving treatment for Cancer. They have raised an incredible £1.5k so far!

You can donate 

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Brad who ran the Manchester Marathon in aid of the Charity on Sunday 16th April. They have raised an incredible £1.8k, which will allow us to continue to support patients, staff, students and researchers here at the Trust! ❤️

“The surgical team at the ROH have provided outstanding care and treatment for my father-in-law, Nigel Webber. 

Nigel was diagnosed with a sarcoma in 2021and is just about to have his second surgery to remove his right arm. 

Their compassion, patient centered approach and understanding has been amazing and we will be for ever grateful.”

Check out their JustGiving page here.

We have some incredible members of staff taking on the Great Birmingham Run in May, both the 10k and the half marathon! 

Heather Campbell & Tomas Stankus

Heather and Tomas are both running 10 Kilometres during the Great Birmingham Run to support the Royal Orthopaedic Charity.

Heather said:
This is an opportunity to give our patients something extra, whilst combining that with exercise! Since covid, we have both taken up running to keep healthy. We want to provide ourselves with a challenge and a meaningful goa​​​​​​​l.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tomas said:
Sometimes good ideas can be born in the most unexpected circumstances – like during the Trust’s mandatory training session, for example. And so here we are now with the plan to transform our occasional fitness running into something that is (a bit of) a challenge and can serve the good purpose at the same time!

Donate here.

Phill Vinnicombe & Craig Bayliss

Phill and Craig are running on behalf of their work colleague who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Their colleague, who would like to remain anonymous, has worked in housekeeping at the ROH for an incredible 45 years!

Phill said:
Our colleague is a very much loved in our department and throughout ROH, especially OPD where she works on evenings. Speaking to her today gave me such drive to want to do her proud. Myself and Craig will do our best. The run is a small gratitude for a lovely lady who we admire. Cancer affects everybody and doesn’t care about its destruction. We need to hold on to hope and continue to fundraise, raise awareness and stay strong. Let training commence!“​​​​​​​

Their work colleague said:
I would like to thank all my colleagues for their love, best wishes and support, it’s been very appreciated. I also want to thank the people who have been looking after me and continue to do so. Everyone has been great, so humbling. It has been hard but I’m doing OK. I’m touched that Phill and Craig think this much of me to be running in honour of myself. I think it’s great and thank them both. I’m just glad it’s not me! Good luck!

 Donate here.

Camille Braithwaite

After a 4 year break, Camille will be taking on the challenge of a Half Marathon during the Great Birmingham Run to support the Royal Orthopaedic Charity.

Camille said:
I am a theatre nurse and running helps me keep me fit and balances work and home life. Knowing that I will be running a half marathon for the Royal Orthopaedic Charity gives me motivation to conquer this challenge. It has been 4 years since I have done one but this time it is more meaningful because it is with a purpose; to raise funds for such a worthwhile cause while doing what I love to do.”

Donate here.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Find out this summer!

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