College Green Artwork Install

New College Green site now open

In april 2023 The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital’s (ROH) Physiotherapy and Podiatry departments were relocated to a new site called College Green. Royal Orthopaedic Charity (ROC) have been involved in planning, design and launch of this exciting new site which will be used to support many orthopaedic patients across Birmingham & Solihul. 

The building provides state of the art equipment, a purpose built and spacious physiotherapy gym, and 16 new treatment rooms of which two are dedicated for children and young people.

£16,000 was invested by ROC to support the look and feel of the department and help ensure it is appropriate for all adults, young people and children who attend.

Grosvenor Interiors supported the work by carefully designing bespoke artwork for each of the individual spaces including the rehabilitation gym.

Positive feedback has already been given by both staff working at the new facility and patients who have attended. ROC wanted to create a comforting and encouraging space for patients to be seen to promote support and wellness within the community.

If you would like to help support initiatives just like this one, why not contact the ROC team on or by calling 0121 685 4379!

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Needle point scanner leads the way

Portable scanner supports patient care

A generous donation by the Guru Nanak Naam Ladies Jatha Group leads to improved patient experience at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH). 

Thanks to a donation of almost £5,000 from the Guru Nanak Naam Ladies Jatha Group, Royal Orthopaedic Charity (ROC) have purchased a handheld ultrasound device for high-definition imaging of superficial structures from nerves and vessels to musculoskeletal and lung imaging up to 7 cm to be used within ROH clinics.

The portable Clarius L15 HD Wireless Scanner with Needle Visualisation Software is a versatile tool that supports the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in Therapy Services at the ROH. This cutting-edge technology equips pain management clinicians with the ability to conduct on-the-spot assessments and interventions, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing patient wait times.  

The need of a wireless ultrasound scanner was recognised within our pain management clinics. With only one large scanner located in the injection suite, a space frequently occupied by clinicians and their patients, scheduling limitations became apparent. This immobile scanner posed a challenge for both patients and medical professionals, leading us to explore alternative solutions. 

Enter Mrs Notay, a pivotal figure in the acquisition of the wireless ultrasound scanner. Mrs Notay, a patient of Dr Kafafy’s, has a clear heartfelt desire to contribute to improving patient experience. Mrs Notay is a member of the Guru Nanak Naam Ladies Jatha Group; a keen unit of Sikh ladies who raise funds for UK charities through devotional praise.  

Driven by appreciation following the care she received, Mrs Notay graciously offered, on behalf of the Guru Nanak Ladies Group, to donate funds to ROC, with the support of Dr Kafafy influencing how the money is spent. With the clear need for a more versatile ultrasound device already recognised, the Clarius L15 HD Wireless Scanner was purchased.  

As the scanner integrates into our clinics, initial feedback from patients has been overwhelmingly positive. The ability to provide injection treatment during routine appointments has resonated positively with patients seeking pain management.  

The impact of the portable ultrasound scanner reaches beyond mere convenience. The overarching goal is to establish a comprehensive and efficient service for patients, one that eliminates the need for extended waiting periods. Traditionally, patients scheduled for knee, shoulder, elbow, leg, or foot injections have endured an 18-week wait in the injection suite. With the scanner’s capabilities, clinicians can now administer certain injections during clinic visits, significantly reducing patient wait times. Additionally, this innovation frees space within the injection suite for more complex cases that require X-ray services. 

Looking to the future, a meticulous plan for evaluating the scanner’s impact has been set in motion. The objective is to gauge the extent to which the new technology mitigates patient waiting times for injections. Through diligent data collection and analysis, the effectiveness of the wireless ultrasound scanner will be audited by the Pain Management Team, allowing us to measure its contributions to patient care.  

A huge, profound thank you goes out to Mrs Notay and the Guru Nanak Naam Ladies Jatha Group who kindly donated almost £5,000 to fund and support this device,  also thank you to Dr Kafafy, Pain Consultant, who worked hard to implement the device being brought into clinic. 

To find out more about how you can support ROC in future, visit our ‘appeals’ section or contact the Charity team on

  • Mrs Notay, Dr Kafafy, scanner and ultrasound image

  • Mrs Notay, Dr Kafafy, scanner and ultrasound image up close

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