Cancer Care Family Fund (CCFF)

Support for families when they need it most

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is the leading centre for orthopaedic oncology in the UK. This means that many of our patients have to travel from across the country to receive treatment. Travelling a long way can be tiring and time consuming for anyone, but to do so to receive life changing treatment or to attend an oncology appointment, can cause worry and be a major cause of stress for some patients. The Cancer Care Family Fund has been set up so that we can support patients, families and carers in whatever way we can. 

Financial support

Every year hundreds of our oncology patients travel over 50 miles to see us costing each patient hundreds of pounds in travel alone. For some patients and families meeting these hidden costs is not practical, and that’s where the Cancer Care Family Fund can help to take away that added financial pressure a cancer diagnosis can bring.

Every year we provide up to £19,000 to the oncology team in order to support patients and their families with travel, accommodation and other costs arising from hospital visits. It’s something we feel really passionate about, and we would love your support in helping this to continue.

Each oncology patient undergoes a financial assessment completed by the Macmillan team to determine whether they are eligible for funding.

Ways you can help support our oncology patients

  • £50 could support travel to and from hospital for a patient in need of financial aid.
  • £100 could support accommodation for a loved one to stay close by whilst their loved one is staying with us.

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