Supporting patients with Chronic Pain

Supporting patients with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a difficult condition to manage and the concept of ‘no cure’ can been difficult to accept. It is a condition which The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital’s Pain Management Team routinely support patient’s with from across the country.  

Dr Liza Tharakan approached the hospital charity in 2021 for grant support to educate chronic pain patients at ROH by means of a short 4-minute video. Dr. Tharakan submitted a detailed funding application which members of the Charitable Funds Committee were delighted to support.  

The term ‘chronic pain’ refers to pain that persists beyond the time normally expected for healing following injury or disease (often defined as more than six months). Chronic pain impacts on many areas of a person’s life and cannot always be resolved by medical or physical treatment alone.  

The video which is available on the Trust’s website, provides educational support to patients via engaging visual materials, it is intended to help patients experiencing (or at risk of developing) chronic pain, including such conditions as fibromyalgia or chronic widespread pain. 

“The video helps in many ways, one being helping patients come to terms with the condition and understanding how to self-manage its effects. Chronic pain affects individuals’ employment status, daily activities, relationships, mood, sleep and general health among others,  implementing this small change can have a great impact on the mental wellbeing of patients.” Liza Tharakan  

 The video helps individuals understand their Chronic pain journey, become familiar with the medical team at ROH as well as aid in self-management tools to use at home.   

 Since the video launch, 344 patients have viewed and fed back on the content. We asked these patients to rate their knowledge of Chronic Pain before and after they watched the video.   

58 individuals changed their response to understanding Chronic Pain from “quite well” to “very well” after watching the video (35% increase).  

To view the video itself or find out more, visit:

Pain Management (  

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Refurbished facilities for children and young people now open!

Refurbished facilities for children and young people now open!

Children and young people (CYP) attending outpatient appointments at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) will now be seen in a brand-new environment designed to cater for their specific needs supported by our Children & Young People’s Appeal! The department was officially opened by members of the ROH team on Monday 17th May ready to welcome patients that morning. 

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The £30,000 renovation of the Children and Young People’s Outpatients Department (CYPOPD), offers an interactive and supportive space for young patients and their families. Patients aged 0-17 years were previously seen on a ward not specifically designed as an outpatient facility.

The theme for the department is ‘under the sea’. Wall art flows from the waiting area through to consultation rooms and the relaxation room to help create a familiar environment for patients and visitors. The wall art offers a distraction to both patients and any accompanying young people, such as siblings, when undergoing consultation.

Entertainment units featuring interactive games for patients up to 17-years-old and offer a more inclusive, ‘clutter- free’ environment. Previously, only physical games were available for younger patients and, because of COVID-19 and infection risks associated, even these have been unavailable for the past year.

A renewed sensory facility has also been installed in the department as the previous facilities were old and some even broken.

Colin Horn, Managing Director of Grosvenor Interiors, said: “I lost my son to leukaemia some years ago and after many years of hospital visits I know how important the environment in children’s wards can be.

“Children’s spaces in hospitals are often very busy and frantic and part of our aim is to calm the spaces down so that the children and their parents are less stressed and can engage with the imaging to take their minds of why they are there.”

The reflection room is a new addition and something the charity also supported within adult services. This is a space where patients and families can sit and reflect upon an appointment, a calming space to receive bad news and can also be used as a safe space for any issues to be discussed with staff. This space also frees up consultation rooms for more appointments.

Consultation rooms are also nearly double the size of the previous department meaning there is more space for thorough consultations as well as space for families to enter which is often when parents need to bring siblings along with them. Sensory facilities also flow through these rooms to offer added distraction to patients and/or siblings whilst under going consultations.

The £30,000 refurbishment and relocation of the department has been funded by an appeal from The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Charity, which exists to support NHS patients, their families and carers, as well as provide specialist training, equipment and knowledge to staff at ROH. It was designed by Grosvenor Interiors, specialists in hospital environmental enhancements.

You can continue to support this appeal. Click here to do just that!

Ali Gray, Charity Manager, said:

“The ROH Charity is overjoyed to support this incredible project, giving young patients and families a truly enhanced hospital experience. Our charity supports the hospital with projects that are ‘above and beyond’ what the NHS can afford, making a real difference to those who visit us.  Patients and families have been thought about through every step and we are so pleased with the result.”

Monica Allen, CYPOPD Manager, said: 

“Our new Children and Young People’s Outpatients Department is vibrant and welcoming and our patients will be attending an area designed to try and ensure they have a relaxed experience in the hospital.

“We have been able to provide a multi-use area for quiet reflection and a sensory room with designated interactive equipment to assist with distraction therapy.”

Clare Hinwood, Transition to Adult Services Clinical Nurse Specialist, added: 

“It will benefit hugely those young people who will be transitioning into adult services. Because of its location in the Outpatients Department, it will enable them to become more familiar with the adult environment. The reflection room will also provide a location for discussing their transition plan.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to those who contributed to the CYP appeal and towards this beautiful new environment. We could not have done it without you.

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