Team ROH complete the Birmingham Velo!

Huge congratulations to Team ROH who took on the mighty Birmingham Velo yesterday and smashed it! We’d like to commend every member of the team for the effort they put in to completing this seriously scary 100 mile ride. There were some spills, scrapes, a damaged wrist and no doubt some aching muscles, but like champions they carried on and got the job done.

The team took on this monumental challenge to raise funds for the Throne Project which aims to improve patient experience for dementia patients at ROH. They have raised a whopping £3,855 already, but there’s still time to give! Click here to donate.

Each bathroom refurbishment in the Throne Project costs just £600. The team’s effort mean we can support an additional 6 bathrooms ensuring they are an optimum area for our patients with dementia, something that is invaluable and we will be forever grateful.

Well done to Kevin Taylor, Martin Crisp, Ross Allen, Craig Bayliss, Mr Prem, Michal James, Ryan Challinor, Benjamin Bould and Time Pile. You’re all heroes and this is a fantastic accomplishment.

Click here​ to find the next charity event or email to find out how you can set up your own event.

Singing Medicine joins our Children & Young People’s service.

A big part of the charity’s role is to ensure our patients’ hospital experience is the best it can be.

Earlier this year we met with the Ex Cathedra Singing Medicine team in order to build a fun positive experience of being in hospital through music and song.

The amazing team that makes up Ex Cathedra were really supportive in building a programme which is bespoke to our children & young people’s service. We are a specialist hospital and sometimes our patients can struggle to get involved in activities due to their orthopaedic conditions. Ex Cathedra work really hard to ensure every patient, child and family member has the opportunity to get involved and join in the fun.

In an environment where children can feel they have lost control over their lives, singing games offer children ways of making decisions.  The Singing Medicine programme also supports areas of children’s learning and can be adapted to meet children’s individual needs as required. The deep breathing required by singing enables participants to reconnect with core muscles, and helps increase lung capacity, which of course helps the patients feel more calm and at home.  Singing activities often include some movement to increase physical mobility, and vocal tutors are actively working with physiotherapists in order to increase the development of particular muscles in conjunction with their daily excersizes, which is a great added extra for our patients.

“Investing in the experience of our patients is something we do with pride. When we heard about the success of the programme at other local hospitals, we were really keen to replicate that enhanced experience for children & young people at the ROH” Rebecca Lloyd – Head of Strategy

Working in child or family groups singing sessions relieve boredom, offers a distraction from the ward around them, and reduce social isolation, something so important in a care setting. Ex Cathedra will be joining our children & young peoples service twice a week for the next 6 weeks which is something truly special for the patients at ROH.

London Marathon Runner, raises nearly £2000 to support patients at ROH

This weekend fundraiser Chris Ellwood took on the UK’s most popular marathon in style and smashed it.

Chris has been part of the Desford Striders running club for 3 years after joining their couch to 5K programme, &  this year wanted a challenge to beat all challenges. Chris applied for our charity space back in January, so has only had 3 months to train which is a triumph in itself.

Chris completed the whole course, that’s all 26.2 miles,  in just over 4 hours, averaging in just over 6 miles an hour.

“It was a pleasure to be the first person to run the London Marathon for the ROH. It was an amazing experience which made all the early cold morning training runs feel worthwhile”

We’re really grateful that Chris chose to run for us this year, and proud that he completed it in such an amazing time. All the money raised will go towards our general fund, which will help improve patients experience in many different ways. 

  • To find out more about the impact of donations, visit our Impact tab.
  • To express your interest in running for us next year, simply email

Belated Easter for patients at ROH

This week we had the pleasure of giving out Easter eggs to patients at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital! Everyone was incredibly grateful and there were lots of smiles on the Wards.

Some of the amazing local businesses who support our charity donated Easter eggs and helped to spread a bit of festive cheer. In fact over 80 eggs were donated this year.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to them; our charity does amazing things for local patients and we are able to do this because of generous donations like this.

Thank you to Morrisons Bromsgrove, Asda Barnes Hill, Farmfoods Rubery, Sainsburys Northfield and Mondeleze. You’re all superstars!

Easter can be a challenging time for some of our patients. They may be away from loved ones receiving treatment, or be receiving bad news about a health condition.

Our role is to support these patients to feel cared for the best possible way.

With your support we can access the latest equipment and technology, conduct more research to improve care, and enhance experience for all our patients and their families.

Autumn’s Awesome Birthday Fundraiser

So today we met the lovely Autumn who has been hard at work promoting the hospital, raising awareness and holding a birthday fundraiser!

Autumn, age 9, is a scoliosis patient at the hospital and has been for many years. Autumn attends regular check ups at the hospital with consultant Mr Mehta, who is a specialist spinal surgeon. Her regular appointments require x-rays and fitting of new braces to support her back.

“I have scoliosis, a condition that mean I have a curved spine. I go to the hospital for my braces it be fitted, x-rays and I’ve also had an MRI there”

Autumn wanted to give something back to the hospital, to say thank you for all the support she’s had over the years, and will continue to have in the future. Her birthday was coming up, and she decided this year she would forfeit gifts for something more special.

“I organised a birthday fundraiser. We had 10 stalls including guess the name of the teddy, face painting, pancakes, and craft stalls”

Autumn invited all the children at her primary school along and over 70 children attended and took part in the fun.

After, we even had a disco whilst my grandad counted the money”

All Autumns hard work paid off and she raised a huge £730.56 for the hospital charity.

We are completely overwhelmed by the selflessness and resilience of this young lady. For most 9 year olds, receiving gifts on their birthday is one of the highlights of their year, but Autumn sacrificed all that for us and we can’t thank her enough.

Photo, Autumn and little sister Violet after their proud school presentation

2019 Staff awards | Winners Announced

On Friday 8th February over 200 staff came together to celebrate ROH employees who live and breathe the trust values whilst delivering or contributing to outstanding care. From 289 nominations, the shortlisting panel had a tough job choosing their winners.

The night was full of cheer and support for both the hospital and each other. Lots of people refer to their colleagues as a family, and this was prominent at the awards this year, everyone was so pleased with each others success which was truly lovely to see.

Did you know we fund the staff awards each year?

Every year the annual awards is funded by the Invest in Our best appeal. We support the awards every year as an opportunity to give something back to the employees and teams who are making positive change every day. Whether that be from going the extra mile to take care of a family, or developing a new process it all helps the ROH to grow and innovate.

We would like to say a special to thank you to:

  • Stella Noon – Former Matron, governor and long term friend of the hospital, for sponsoring Nurse of the year award.
  • Kirk Bent – Oncology Patient for sponsoring the Outstanding contribution to patient experience.
  • Amelia Eldred previous patient at the hospital, who attended as a special guest at the ceremony and danced with surgeon Lee Jeys. Hear all about her story here.

If you would like to help support next years awards contact the fundraising team on 0121 685 4379 or email

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